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Saturday, June 13, 2009

in my absence...

Here’s what’s been goin down while I’ve been not blogging.

Stephen decided to quit publix, got a job at ups, and go back to school.

I Checked out what used to be the JMOMA and is now the MOCA and also the newerish library downtown with bffl.

I Floated down the ichetucknee

I’ve been Wanting the new iphone 3G S

I Decided on a minor (or two)

Nicole got a call from shaant and mikey!!

I hung out with shanda and we caught up on what we’ve been doing since high school.

I found a new song that I now love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCU1JYmGxcA

I fell in love with this music video.

I organized me and stephen’s closets.

Got addicted to a new game called blowfish.

I’ve been craving CamiCakes

I saw The Hangover and laughed so much.

And, I watched the mtv movie awards and read the liveblogging event from the lovely people from LettersToTwilight.com and NewMoonMovie.org and Laurensbite.blogspot.com

new post later for other things! :)