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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

goodwill shopping

first time was a half success!

i got a couch that we are going to re-upholster for ten bucks. i dont have a picture of it, but ill update this post tomorrow with one.

i also got this mirror:
i laughed out loud for like a minute straight when i saw this, so i bought it for my mom. she loves it. i told her it's for when she needs a self-confidence boost.

and these albums
cause i had printed pictures recently, but forgotten that i put all the albums in storage. they were only like $2, and look at that cat's face!

me and katie found many a wonderous thing in our goodwill hunting adventures, haha like that movie. broken things, a SILVER halfass upholstered couch, even a cup with a name bedazzled onto it, "Sara." I was like, someone painstakingly bedazzled that pimp cup for Sara, and she just threw it away and gave it to goodwill. tsk tsk tsk. it was so fun, i think i'll visit the westside locations on thursday!