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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


YES. I stole this idea from another blogger. NO. I don’t feel bad about it because the idea is awesome.

So one of my new favs is cheaper than therapy. I haven’t informed her that I find her blog funny and wonderful, but I’ll get to doing that soon, I promise. [cause hey, I can’t just steal an idea for a blog and then NOT tell her about her wonderfulness, right? Right.]

So anyway, here we go.  Ali had a post about a list called a “tits list” a tits list as defined by Ali is “things that she [her friend] thinks are the tits. and she also left a little disclaimer on her site explaining that ‘things that she thinks are the tits’ actually means things that she thinks are cool and/or totally awesome.

So for my first tits list attempt.

1.      1. Only having class once a week. 

I really can’t get used to this but, god it’s SOOO nice.

  2. Swimming in the summertime. 

I am so glad it’s swimming season again. I’m going on a swimming trip on Saturday and I am extremely excited.

   3. My new ipod. 

Meet him, be friends with him. His name is Maddox* and he is a black** 120 GB. He’s loaded down with hoobastank [but I’m not a tape player, baby I can groove to Hank]***

  4. Songs that are not annoying that get stuck in my head.

 I love drinkin’ HEYY I love women HEYYY man I love college. [do I really have to graduate or can I just stay here for the rest of my life?]

 5. On that grad. Statement.. 

college is on my tits list because as long as I’m here I don’t have to get a real job. And that makes me happy.

 6. My barbie dog struhar.

She has to be the definition of a sweet puppy. ♥

7.  Realizing that I am not the only one in the world with plans. 

I mentioned on twitter recently that I had a new plan that I hoped god agreed with so that it might come to pass, recently someone else had a plan I didn’t agree with, and I was like wait I just prayed for some agreeage maybe I should take my own prayer[advice].

8.  True Blood. 

Season two starts soon and I’m about to burst with excitement! Team Bill forever.

9. "That’s what she said." 

Good for a cheap laugh.

10.   Alt Press Magazine. 

Music and bands and reading about music and bands= awesome way to spend some time. [plus blink is on next months cover!]

11. To catch a predator. 

Chris Hansen is one of the top reasons I watch it, the way he says things cracks me up. And bonus! They had a marathon of it the other night, many good times were had.

12.      Twitter. 

Hi my name is Tina and I’m a twitterholic.

 13.  My mom being home from Europe. 

And being a hero. She saved an old woman from being mugged. Awesomeness, you’re doin’ it right.

14.      The word “nugget”. 

Yes, chelsea handler says it, and yes I stole it from her. It is awesome and I love it. Sidenote for words I love: ALL of lauren’s words [lamespice, sicknast, makey-outey] second sidenote: I found the perfect picture for this one, but it was of a stranger’s baby, and I aint into stealin strangerbaby pictures (even though it did come up on google, so I’m just gonna link it right up here..)

Ok last thing cause this entry is gonna be hella-long.  

15.      LOLcatz & LOLdogz 

if you don’t find these hilariously cute then you don’t belong in the world. j/k, but seriously I wish cats could talk and write and that would talk and spell like this if they did. Also, embarrassing story, I had something delicious the other day I can’t remember what it was but it doesn’t matter what does matter is that instead of thinking “yumm.” No lie I thought “this is much goodzzz” WHAT? I don’t even know what means I am so glad I was alone so I only thought it and didn’t say it. Pretty soon I’ll just be thinking “OMNOMNOMNOM” & won’t even be able to form a sentence. *I may or may not speak to barbie in LOLspeak. (I do.)

 PS. I lied, this is the last one.


People have commented that Edward should not even be on the poster or in the movie as much as he is. I disagree with the poster statement, uh duh Jacob is being protectively sexy of Bella getting all achey breaky hearty again and if he {Eddy} [yes I can call him Eddy, he said so last night] wasn’t on the poster who would jacob be protecting her from in poster world? The viewers of said poster? Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t mind if Taylor (when he’s legal) looked at me like that, but I’d rather the anger be directed toward Eddy. In conclusion, I ♥ this poster muchly.

*shoutout to Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld series!

**this sounds racist

*** if you don’t know this song, please check yerself before you wreck yerself.


Friday, May 15, 2009


For our one year anniversary I got stephen a drawing of us on our wedding day and I picked it up today and it is AWESOME. I’m going to get it framed sometime next week so I can post it up on our newly renovated walls when it’s all said and done. Stephen likes it too, so, that’s a plus considering it was a gift for him.


Anyway, without further ado.


Here is the drawing, 

And here is the source photo. 

Pretty amazing right?  :)

here is Townsend's website, you know, if you wanna help a struggling college kid out.

I know I'll be utilizing his services in the future.


PS. it was good to see the 09'ers :)


..in september.

the tour dates are up, and i will be going to tampa for the reunion tour of blink 182! anyone who wants to go we are going to the tampa show on sep. 27th but we are going down for the whole weekend and going to busch gardens!

OMG. i cannot wait.
link for dates : himynameismark.com

♥ for blink

Thursday, May 14, 2009


what do we think of the new header?

so, first night of class went well. and by that i mean we got out early! I am really trying to get my sleep schedule back on track and it is not going well. I didn't get to bed until seven a.m. today.

Stephen's one year wedding anniversary present is ready, I just have to set up a meeting with Townsend to pick it up. I am so excited! it's a drawing of us on our wedding day and I can't wait to see how he did! i'll def. have to post a picture :) and if he doesn't mind, i'll post his email in case you want one (of your picture not mine hah!)

last thing is i am so excited about warped tour this summer. I can't wait!
well, since stephen is off today i should get off the blogworld and go be in the realworld.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

twitter is creepy in an awesome way.

so last night I tweeted "what the heck, comcast?" cause I was just jamming to some lil Wayne on fuse and all of the sudden I get white noise then only audio with a black screen but everything was soon back to normal with lil Wayne singing. so this morning I wake up to a reply from comcast asking me if they can help on twitter! what? comcast twittered me bc I tweeted about them.. they don't even follow me.. and I dot follow them so I was surprised and like whoaa cause I mean that is some AWESOME customer service. I mean I didn't even hashtag it (#comcast) nope they just found me like I put a bat signal in the sky.. creepy but awesome. so thanks comcast cause I know u don't pay Steve t. to twitter help ur customers. be glad you have him as an employee! and also this shows how big twitter is getting even if it is a tad creeptastic

it's coming together

slowly, but surely. I re-downloaded photoshop, so a lovely new header for this little newborn blog shall be up shortly. I know, I know the anticipation is killing you. well i can tell you it will be pink, and black, and well that's all I know right now.

check out the stars..

well today is the first day of summer classes.

I have astronomy lab tonight and my stomach is doing flip-flops. It always does this on the first day of school, any first day of any school ever. I don't know why. I have been going to school for about sixteen years now. I should know the drill. I hate the stomach flip flops. and I have them, right now.

this makes me not a happy camper.kthxbai.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

forgot one.

I almost forgot my second favorite blogger on the internet.

and she's on youtube under ijustine
she is great.

some favorites.

Here are some of my absolute favorite blogs.


specific interest blogs that i love:

anyways, those are some awesome blogs that are funny and just awesome in general.

This is my obligatory introduction post.

but you can call me Tina.

Here are a few important things to me.

1. God.

I love him.

2. My husband and my puppy

Stephen= <3

Barbie= sweetest weiner dog ever.

3. My family.

and this is only (some of) my mom's side.

I have a large family and it is awesome.

4. bffl.

This is my best friend Nicole. We have known each other since first grade, but one day in tenth grade we both thought "this chick is awesome, why are we not besties?" and the rest is bffl history.

5. Laughing.

This is on the list because it is a top priority in my life. Don't go thinking my priorities are all screwed up, laughter really is the best medicine, well aside from actual pharmecutical medicine. If you don't like to laugh then i'm afraid we would not get a long very well.

6. Books, TV, Movies, Music.

I'll post a more specific list in a later post, but for now here is one fav in each category.

and last but not least,

7. The little things.

They are important, don't take them for granted. I try not to at least.
So, that's me.

Love, Tina

first time in a while

I haven't blogged in a long time so I thought I would start again. :)
love, tina