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Monday, June 15, 2009

ichetucknee trip!!!

what a trip!

Here is Stephen and tommy in blue hole

Nicole and Emily



Me and Stephen

Tommy and Anthony


Blue hole

Stephen, me, Emily, Nicole, and Anthony

Ash and em waiting for josh to get back so we can go floatin’


Why we call it “itch me touch me”

Fishies in the “ickies”

That's a compilation video of all the videos we took that day, very fun.

so we went to ichetucknee last week and it was crazyfun. we swam in the blue hole first,

while we waited for my dad to bring josh back to the north entrance so we could all tube down together. suffice it to say, that's where most of these pictures were taken because it took them TWO hours to get back to us, because my dad got lost. seriously, somewhere between the south entrance and the north entrance, they got lost. Anyway, we finally got in the water, but we didn’t have enough rope for everyone to tie together so we all got split up, which was interesting…my group was me, Stephen, Nicole, Anthony (sometimes, he liked to get ahead of everyone), tommy, Brianna (spelling?), and Emily. We got out at dampiers and ate, by that time it was too late for me and Stephen to finish, because he had to be at his new job around 7. Also by that time I had a bit of a low blood sugar situation, lack of sleep had caught up to me, and Stephen left me on the trail on the way back to the parking lot, so I had a tad of an attitude at this point, but some yummy roast beef and an apology fixed that. So we came back to Jacksonville, and basically I’m never following my dad anywhere ever again. I think he forgets people are trying to follow him, and drives all crazy and not cool. And I was so tired that I almost fell asleep at the wheel on the way back, luckily I did not. So I was too tired to go see joe’s movie, but the nap I had was AWESOME. I hope we get to go somewhere like ginnie or something this week!