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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

twitter is creepy in an awesome way.

so last night I tweeted "what the heck, comcast?" cause I was just jamming to some lil Wayne on fuse and all of the sudden I get white noise then only audio with a black screen but everything was soon back to normal with lil Wayne singing. so this morning I wake up to a reply from comcast asking me if they can help on twitter! what? comcast twittered me bc I tweeted about them.. they don't even follow me.. and I dot follow them so I was surprised and like whoaa cause I mean that is some AWESOME customer service. I mean I didn't even hashtag it (#comcast) nope they just found me like I put a bat signal in the sky.. creepy but awesome. so thanks comcast cause I know u don't pay Steve t. to twitter help ur customers. be glad you have him as an employee! and also this shows how big twitter is getting even if it is a tad creeptastic