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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is my obligatory introduction post.

but you can call me Tina.

Here are a few important things to me.

1. God.

I love him.

2. My husband and my puppy

Stephen= <3

Barbie= sweetest weiner dog ever.

3. My family.

and this is only (some of) my mom's side.

I have a large family and it is awesome.

4. bffl.

This is my best friend Nicole. We have known each other since first grade, but one day in tenth grade we both thought "this chick is awesome, why are we not besties?" and the rest is bffl history.

5. Laughing.

This is on the list because it is a top priority in my life. Don't go thinking my priorities are all screwed up, laughter really is the best medicine, well aside from actual pharmecutical medicine. If you don't like to laugh then i'm afraid we would not get a long very well.

6. Books, TV, Movies, Music.

I'll post a more specific list in a later post, but for now here is one fav in each category.

and last but not least,

7. The little things.

They are important, don't take them for granted. I try not to at least.
So, that's me.

Love, Tina