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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Framing Hanley and Red Concert

So me and nicole went to freebird to see red and framing hanley last night, and it was way fun. But I didn’t have any pants so we went to jc penney first to get some, all they had was some scene pants. So I wore skinny scene pants. And then we got there an hour early to get a good spot, and we saw gavin and chris of course on the day im wearing something a 15 year old scene kid would wear. Anyway, on to the show.

The first band to go on was Joan Red. They were pretty cool. The lead singer was very energetic, he even went up to the second floor and sang from the balcony on the last song. They weren’t what I was expecting from their name/stage set. It was a picture of a girl and it said Joan Red so I thought it was gonna be the girl in the picture and her name was joan red, WAY OFF. Anyway, I liked their energy and we met them after the show and they were really sweet too so that’s a plus. Another good thing eye candy in the band, made me and Nicole very happy.

Then it was Cavo, my favorite song they sang was called champagne. They were pretty cool, we met the lead singer after and he was nice.

After cavo, was RED. I LOVE RED. Haha just had to get that out of the way. they sang ALL of my favorites! Confession, mystery of you, fight inside, death of me, never be the same. Ahhh I was dying it was amazing.

Okay, so last and certainly not least was Framing Hanley! Framing hanley was just awesome. They sang slow dance, which Nixon informed us was about his brother losing his virginity. The last song they sang was Lollipop. Nixon was as cute as ever.

After that they threw stuff like the drumsticks and pick’s and me and Nicole never get anything, but yesterday she caught a drumstick and I caught a pick! It was amazing! plus We were so close to the stage I am still deaf!

So after the show we went to the merch section and I got a cavo poster and cd and a framing hanley shirt and poster and a cd and poster for joan red.

Overall it was a pretty amazing night!

me and nicole with Joan Red